Allessa GmbH
Allessa GmbH 

Allessa GmbH
Our site in Frankfurt-Fechenheim is located at the very heart of the pulsating Rhine-Main region.
The technical infrastructure, ranging from power supply facilities, technical services and fire department to biological waste water treatment plant, is of outstanding quality and is already being used by over a dozen enterprises.
Allessa, as site operator, is an experienced, professional service provider. Our highly-motivated team attends to our clients’ interests with great enthusiasm and a high level of know-how. The site is suitable for both industrial and research companies.
In the future it is our intention to consolidate and further expand the existing network of production, technology, research and the wide range of services.
We provide a firm foundation for our clients’ innovation and growth!


  • Total area: 430,000 m²
  • Independent power supply (electricity and steam generation)
  • Water supply
  • Technical gases, compressed air
  • Cooling agents to -15°C
  • Extensive waste water treatment
  • Plant fire department
  • Independent railway system
  • River docks


  • Mechanical and electrical control and measuring engineering workshops
  • Materials logistics
  • Analytical services
  • Safety management
  • Pollution control
  • Good working relations to public authorities
  • IT Services
  • Human Resource management
  • Training and Further Education Centre
  • Gastronomy
  • Occupational Health and Safety