Chemiepark Marl
Chemiepark Marl 

Plug-and-Play Principle for Chemical Producers
The Marl Chemical Park is one of the largest and most fully integrated sites of its kind in Europe – and also the largest site within the ChemSite Initiative. Of a total, 650 ha, roughly 100 ha of industrial land are available to new investors. There are more than two dozen producers on the site, like Evonik Industries, Vestolit, Sasol and ISP.

At Marl Chemical Park, basic feedstocks like ethylen and propylen are available by pipeline and barge, etc. Marl also boasts a newly upgraded chlor-alkali facility, owned by Vestolit, which feeds its vinyls chain as well as providing chlorine to other users on the site. At the site more than 4000 chemicals are produced ranging from high volume materials such as,1-buten, acrylic acid, MTBE and PVC, to speciality products like polyamides and polyesters, plasticisers, surfactants, elastomers and latices.

At the heart of the chemical complex lies Technology &Infrastructure, the site operator and service provider. Its role is to ensure that roughly 100 production plants continue to produce no less than 4m tons of materials every year.

Technology &Infrastructure operates three power plants at the complex. It also has responsibility for waste management - operating two waste water facilities - logistics, technology and all aspects of health, safety and environmental protection, technical plant safety and site security, telecommunications, facility management and permitting and regulatory affairs.

In terms of logistics, that 4m tons of production leaves the site by train (400 000 tons/year), road (2.4m tons/year), barge (900 000 tons/year) and pipeline (300 000 tons/year). Technology & Infrastructure manages the site railway, port, pipelines and racks, and also handles storage at the site.